Pavement Maintenance Plan

JAX Asphalt provides a full range of asphalt maintenance, repair and consultation services.

Protecting the life of your parking lots, sidewalks, driveways and asphalt surfaces can be a challenge, especially with Florida’s hot weather and wet environment. Let the professionals at JAX Asphalt Services provide you with a maintenance options designed to fit your residential, commercial or industrial needs and budgets. Our professionals can analyze the condition of your pavement and provide our clients with all options for upkeep and maintenance.

Protect your Parking lot against:
  • Weather
  • Proper drainage
  • Debris

Property managers and owners can extend the life of their Parking lots and cut costs over the long term with an optimized maintenance service plan. This can sometimes mean a complete repaving, while repairs and sealcoating may be a better plan in other cases. Our team fully educates our clients on their options so that they can make the most cost-effective decisions for their asphalt maintenance needs.

Work with the JAX Asphalt professionals to:
  • Create a maintenance plan
  • Schedule periodic inspections
  • Budget for future asphalt services
Maintain the Life & Appearance of your residential, commercial or industrial Asphalt Surfaces with regularly schedule maintenance and inspections!