Jax Asphalt Services Sealcoating will protect your parking lot or driveway from the elements. Sealcoating is crucial to asphalt surface maintenance as the sun, water and heat can speed deterioration. But a fresh sealcoating for your asphalt surface from JAX Asphalt Services will give your parking lot a renewed appearance that will make a strong impression on customers.

Sealcoating helps prevent water from penetrating pavement and protects the top layer of asphalt from oxidation, wear and exposure to the sun, and salt air.

Sealcoating creates a smooth,  black surface that is ideal for painting.

Sealcoating and patching  is a cost effective alternative to  repaving.

JAX Asphalt Services sealcoating:

  • Protects asphalt
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Extends life of asphalt surfaces by up to 300 percent
  • Makes cleaning and sweeping easier

Duval Asphalt sealcoating services include:

  • Complete cleaning of surface
  • Pothole repairs
  • Oil stain removal
  • Full sealcoating applications